All For One Productions is the brain child of Octavia Lesley, a Detroit playwright. 

What began as an idea for a fundraiser, has quickly blossomed into a great production.  In the Spring of 2011, Octavia “The Writer” Lesley, decided to try something different and daring.  She wondered if four playwrights from virtually different genres could come together on one production to tell a variety of stories.

Octavia’s friend and noted author, Sylvia Hubbard, was the first on-board and also, Monica Link, who’s produced several Detroit plays jumped in the mix and LIFE was born.

LIFE: In 4-Part Harmony will consist of four one-act plays for the price of one stage production.  Audiences can expect plenty of drama, humor, mystery and mayhem.  Some of Detroit’s most talented actors and singers will lend their skills to what is sure to be one of the summer’s best theatrical offerings.

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